World Boxing Council lightweight champion Hector (Macho) Camacho is among 40 professional boxers suspended by the New Jersey Athletic Commission for testing positive for drugs.

The New York Daily News and New York Post reported today that Camacho, who won the title Aug. 10, was suspended for 90 days effective Friday. In a memo circulated to New Jersey boxing promoters and medical officials by state boxing commissioner Bob Lee, the boxers were suspended for "being in violation of the state statute which prohibits illicit drugs."

The New Jersey State Athletic Commission said traces of marijuana showed up in a urinalysis Camacho took following a victory in Atlantic City Jan. 21 over Louis Burke.

Thirty-six of the fighters, including Camacho, have been suspended for 90 days while the other four have been dealt indefinite sentences. The suspensions took effect last Monday.

The suspension will have no immediate effect on Camacho, since he fought just two weeks ago and does not have a bout scheduled in the next three months. Many other bouts, however, will have to be replaced or rescheduled.

Among the other fighters reported on the suspension list were highly ranked contenders such as Stanley Ross, Bernard Benton and Roger Stafford. Promoter Don Elbaum said they also had been suspended for 90 days.