As far as football goes, the Waldron family hasn't skipped a beat.

In January, Ro Waldron became Catholic University's first full-time head football coach in 34 years. Shortly before, his father Doonie had retired after 18 years as football coach of St. John's High School. Shortly after his hiring, Ro asked his father to help coach the Cardinals during his first season.

"I was offered the job," said Ro Waldron. "He (my father) was happy in retirement. And I asked him if he wanted to help me get started."

Conditions might be right for the transformation on Michigan Avenue. As one of the youngest head coaches in the country, Ro Waldron will run a program that has a 3,500-seat stadium, a 20-piece Nautilus weight room and locker rooms for players and coaches, all part of the new Raymond DuFour athletic complex. He will coach the offensive line and his father will instruct the quarterbacks.

The greatest change might come from the potential advantage Ro Waldron will have in recruiting local players. "Growing up in D.C., I think I can be successful at it," said Ro Waldron, who played at Northwood High School and Virginia Tech, and was an assistant to Jerry Claiborne at Kentucky.

Leading the offense will be Tony Gallis, a three-year starter who has thrown for nearly 4,000 yards. Walt Kalinowski, who caught 50 passes last year and is the school's leading receiver, and Chris Veno, who caught 38, are the main targets.