Lonnie Smith of the Kansas City Royals is expected to be the first witness today in the cocaine trafficking trial of Curtis Strong in Pittsburgh.

Sources who requested anonymity told the AP that Keith Hernandez of the New York Mets will be called next.

Smith, who has admitted that he used cocaine for several years, got immunity when he testified before a federal grand jury that ended up indicting Strong and six other Pennsylvania men on drug trafficking charges in May.

Smith underwent drug rehabilitation in 1983, the year after he was helped the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series.

The Royals said he will miss only last night's home game against the Chicago White Sox because of his court appearance.

Mets Manager Dave Johnson said Hernandez is expected to "miss a day" because of the case. "We're hoping it's the offday (Thursday)," Johnson said.

The Mets are playing the Padres in San Diego . . .

With the Milwaukee Brewers more than 20 games out of the race in the AL East, Robin Yount, 30, went ahead and had the bone spurs removed from his right shoulder. It will give him an extra month to get ready for next year.

"Opening day next year is more important than right now," the team's manager, George Bamberger, said. "That extra month is so important."

The team had moved Yount from shortstop to left field this season because he had had shoulder surgery last November . . .

Mark Wroniewicz scored on Richard Barrett's single in the ninth inning in Kokomo, Ind., and Midlothian, Va., held on for a 3-2 victory over Sacramento, Calif., and the championship of the 60th annual American Legion baseball World Series.