Buffalo Bills -- Waived LB Earnest Adams and RB Kevin Lowe, plus LB Rodney Lyles from injured reserve list; put OG Chris Babyar, ex-Maryland QB Frank Reich, WR Jimmy Teal and LBs Lucious Sanford on injured reserve; claimed RB Anthony Hutchison (waived by Chicago) and LB Steve Maidlow (waived by Cincinnati); re-signed DE Dean Prater.

Chicago Bears -- Put TE Pat Dunsmore on injured reserve and re-signed DT Henry Waechter.

Cincinnati Bengals -- Activated TE Dan Ross and recalled CBs Lee Davis and Sean Thomas; put WR Clay Pickering, TE M.L. Harris and CB John Simmons on injured reserve.

Denver Broncos -- Signed DB Roger Jackson and LB Darren Comeaux; waived NT Scott Garnett and put LB Tom Jackson on injured reserve.

Detroit Lions -- Signed TE James McDonald (waived by Rams) and waived WR Carl Bland.

Houston Oilers -- Waived CB Willie Tullis and DB Allen Lyday; claimed DB Audrey McMillian (waived by New England) and CB Carl Howard (waived by Dallas); plan to put QB Oliver Luck on injured reserve and re-sign Brian Ransom.

Indianapolis Colts -- Cut DB Larry Anderson; agreed to terms with RB Albert Bentley, lately of the USFL.

Los Angeles Rams -- Waived TE James McDonald and WR Michael Harper and put WR Chuck Scott and OG Duval Love on injured reserve; recalled RB Charles White and CB David Croudip after putting them on waivers.

Minnesota Vikings -- Claimed TE Jay Carroll on waivers from Tampa Bay.

New Orleans Saints -- Cut DB Brett Maxie, then, when no one claimed him, recalled him and put NT Derland Moore on injured reserve, along with Bobby Fowler, delaying announcement to protect Moore; cut OL Petey Perot and David Carter.

New York Jets -- Put WR Wesley Walker, KR Bobby Humphery, G Stan Waldemore, OT Billy Shields and CB Davlin Mullen on injured reserve; re-signed C Greg Gunter, DL Mark Shumate, S Rich Miano, LB Jim Eliopulos and RB-WR Nick Bruckner.

Philadelphia Eagles -- Put G Greg Naron on injured list; reacquired LB Jon Kimmel.

Pittsburgh Steelers -- Cut LB Craig Bingham, RB Anthony Corley and WR Andrew Baker; put TE Bennie Cunningham and DE John Goodman on injured reserve.

St. Louis Cardinals -- Waived OT Art Plunkett.