If Isaac Newton were still with us, he might say that for every piece of misbehavior by a job-seeker, there is an equal and opposite piece of misbehavior by an interviewer.

A few days ago, I published the collected bleats of a K Street office manager. She spends a lot of time interviewing job applicants. She said she finds almost every one of them rude, poorly-dressed and incapable of the basics -- like being on time and providing references when they say they will.

Now, fresh from Equal Time Corner, we hear from several applicants. They say it's just as bad on their side of the desk -- if not worse.

One interviewer kept an applicant waiting for an hour and a half. He never apologized.

Another interviewer kept interrupting the interview to discuss the Dodgers and Mets with any officemate who wandered past.

Another interrupted the interview to telephone her kids and tell them what kinds of sandwiches to make for lunch.

Another insisted on telling the applicant a long Army story -- so long a story that he was late for another interview across town.

Another ended what the applicant thought was a very favorable interview by saying, "Thanks, Miss Smith, we'll call you in a couple of weeks." One trouble: the applicant was Monica Brown.

Worst of all, one interviewer told the applicant straight out that she wasn't qualified for the job. Then he said, with an oily smile, "But you sure are qualified for something else." Whereupon he asked her over to his place for a drink.

"Don't forget, Bob, that beastliness is not the exclusive province of job-seekers," wrote one applicant. Well said, madame -- and a good thing for those who do the hiring to remember.