The Philadelphia Eagles' veteran quarterback, Ron Jaworski, called the 21-0 loss "the second roughest game I've had." The New York Giants sacked him eight times for 73 yards in losses yesterday in East Rutherford, N.J.

The Giants also forced 11 punts, never let Philadelphia cross their 37-yard line and yielded only 168 net yards. Randall Cunningham replaced Jaworski in the fourth quarter and was sacked once, but a penalty voided the play.

Leonard Marshall was in on four sacks and Lawrence Taylor three.

"This is the best pressure we've had since I've been here," Taylor, playing his fifth season, said. "We came from all angles, played a lot of games and did the job."

"They had two rookies on the left side and we wanted to exploit them," defensive end George Martin of the Giants said. "We didn't realize it would work as well as it did."

Jaworski, who completed 12 of 25 passes for 137 yards, said only a game against the St. Louis Cardinals in 1983 was rougher. "I went down 11 times then," he said.

"I felt sorry for him," quarterback Phil Simms of the Giants said.

But Taylor said: "I don't feel sorry for nobody."

The Eagles' new one-back offense stalled because of 11 penalties for 74 yards. The Giants had no penalties until 7:07 remained.