Pitcher Steve Howe, who was suspended from baseball last year while recovering from a drug problem, was absent from the Minnesota Twins for the third straight day, the team disclosed.

"Steve Howe has contacted Andy McPhail (Twins' player personnel director) this morning," Manager Ray Miller. "He is okay and will meet with the manager and club officials tomorrow (Monday) afternoon."

Howe was given permission to report late for Friday night's doubleheader against the Cleveland Indians, due to an illness in his wife's family in Detroit. But he missed the doubleheader, a Saturday doubleheader and yesterday's game.

"We will reserve judgment or comment until we have met with Steve and had the opportunity to discuss the circumstances surrounding the absence," Miller said . . .

The San Francisco Giants will have a new manager and general manager by midweek, according to a statement attributed to Tom Haller, current general manager, in yesterday's San Francisco Examiner.

The changes will be announced at a news conference Wednesday, the newspaper quoted Haller as saying. Duffy Jennings, publicity director of the team, said he was unaware of a news conference.

Al Rosen, recently dismissed as general manager of the Houston Astros, has been mentioned as a possible Haller replacement. There have been reports that Roger Craig, former San Diego Padres' manager, will replace Manager Jim Davenport.