Sue Enyon moved to the District several months ago, and she knew she should have traded in her Virginia driver's license for the D.C. version. But life is busy when you have a 2-year-old son and a new life, and Sue just hadn't gotten around to it.

That omission caught up with her the other day at Eighth and K streets NW. A police officer pulled her over for a moving violation. He soon learned that Sue had lived in D.C. for more than a month, but still had an out-of-state license. That's illegal, so he placed her under arrest.

But what about Sue's frightened son, who was staring at the whole spectacle from the front seat?

Tough beans, lady, said the cop. He'll be turned over to the Youth Division while you're jailed at the local precinct station.

Sue kicked up a huge fuss at this piece of news, as who would not? But determined to do it the "book" way, the police officer radioed for a backup officer and a Youth Division official.

As it turned out, the cops were much kinder to Sue than they might have been. They allowed her to stop off on the way to the precinct to withdraw $50 from the bank, which she used to post bond. And they kept Sue separated from her screaming, panicky son for less than an hour. Nor were mother and son taken to separate police stations, as the first cop had said they'd be.

Was the first cop out of line in threatening to take a 2-year-old away from his mother? Incredibly, he wasn't.

A Metropolitan Police official confirms that whenever a police officer arrests an adult, it's "standard procedure" to take any kids who are there at the time of the arrest to a separate office. "We can't put children in jail cells, even if it's with their parents," the spokesman explained.

No, you can't. But isn't there a third option? The police could call a friend or relative and ask him or her to pick up the child. And the child could be allowed to stay with the parent -- in an office, not a cell -- until the friend or relative arrives.

Sue wasn't a bank robber, after all. She wasn't even a felon. It's clearly a situation where the cops should bend the book -- or, better yet, rewrite it.

Bill Sullivan says it happened outside Dominique's, the French restaurant of haute reputation on Pennsylvania Avenue.

A panhandler ambled up to Bill as he was ambling up to Dominique's door and said:

"Use my name. You'll get a better table."

What's going on?

At the Kennedy Center, where cabbies are "shopping" for high fares the way they do at National Airport and Union Station. Looking on each night -- but doing zilch -- are the Park Police.

At Fort McNair, where the brass has outlawed fishing by civilians from the walls overlooking the river. But why? Anglers are the most peaceable people I know, and they've been doing their thing at McNair for years, without incident. Won't you reconsider, McNairists?

At the Metro Center subway station, where kids try to sell you newspapers each evening. Nothing wrong with that. But they're doing it on Metro property. Plenty wrong with that -- it's illegal, and it could be dangerous. Et tu, Metro? . . . .

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