The Washington Bullets have scheduled a press conference this afternoon to announce the signing of second-round draft choice Manute Bol and, most likely, that of Kenny Green, their first choice in last June's NBA draft.

Green averaged 17 points and 8.3 rebounds for Wake Forest last season as a junior but chose to leave school for the NBA. With the Demon Deacons, Green, who is 6 feet 7, was forced to play center, but will play small forward for the Bullets. Bol, a 7-7 center, also left school early, in his case the University of Bridgeport.

The agreement between Bol and the Bullets was completed last weekend. Last night marked the conclusion of most of the meaningful negotiations between Bill Pollak, Green's representative, and Washington General Manager Bob Ferry. The two men were scheduled to meet this morning to complete final details.

Pollak seemed to feel that the meeting is a formality, but Ferry was a bit more cautious. "I think it's sufficient to say that we've got enough done to meet and see what we've got, but the deal hasn't been done yet," he said. "In things like this, you can't assume anything is done until it's done. You don't foresee problems, you don't want problems but you just can't assume."

If the parties do come to terms, it will mark the end of a busy week for Pollak. On Tuesday, another client, Charles Oakley, the No. 9 choice in the draft, signed a contract with the Chicago Bulls.

That contract reportedly included a number of incentive clauses, mainly centering on rebounding.

"It's important to know the player, the team and the projected role that the player will have," he said. "In Oakley's case, the Bulls were one of the worst rebounding squads in the NBA. Kenny Green will be an excellent scorer as soon as he learns the nuances of the professional game, but incentives for it could be counterproductive to the team."