LSU and Georgetown will play a nationally televised basketball game on Feb. 2 at Capital Centre, using the date left vacant when Houston canceled its home-and-home series with the Tigers, LSU Athletic Director Bob Brodhead announced. Houston pulled out of the home-and-home series after LSU signed 7-footer Tito Horford to a basketball scholarship. Horford originally signed at Houston, but the NCAA declared him ineligible at that school because of an extra visit by a coach.

Brodhead said it is a two-year agreement with Georgetown, and he's exploring using the Louisiana Superdome as the site for the game during the 1986-87 season . . .

More than half of Virginia Tech's freshman football players on scholarships were admitted to the university on administrative appeals after their enrollment applications had been turned down by Tech's admissions department.

Of the 19 players enrolling for the first time this fall, 11 were admitted by Tech President William Lavery or Provost David Roselle after Gene Carson, Tech's acting director of admissions, had turned them down in two reviews. One of three basketball players was admitted similarly, the Roanoke Times & World-News reported.

Roselle said each of the student athletes enrolled through appeal met the NCAA standard of a 2.0 grade-point average and also met Tech's minimum requirements.

Carson said there were no procedural differences in the handling of appeals for athletes and nonathletes. The number of Tech football players admitted this year by someone above the admissions office is high compared with previous years at the Blacksburg school . . .

Washington quarterback Hugh Millen was hospitalized and took medication intravenously shortly before the Huskies defeated UCLA Saturday, team officials said. Millen's infected left knee was swollen Thursday, prompting medical officials to urge the senior quarterback to check into a Seattle area hospital. The infection was believed caused by a rug burn from artificial turf.

Millen was administered antibiotics intravenously Thursday night after he was hospitalized. He also received IV medication Friday after his release from the hospital. Millen completed 19 of 27 passes for 185 yards and a touchdown as the Huskies won, 21-14.