An investigation into two barroom incidents called by New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner places no blame on Yankees Manager Billy Martin for instigating them, but shows that he did "things he shouldn't be doing."

"It looks like in both cases Billy was in places where he shouldn't be," a source who requested anonymity told the New York Times, referring to the incidents late last month at the Cross Keys Inn in Baltimore. "It's always something he shouldn't be doing. Like in the fight with (Yankees pitcher Ed) Whitson, it didn't say he started the fight, but he didn't walk away, and instead he pursued it."

When the Yankees visited Baltimore to play their final series of the season against the Orioles Sept. 20-22, Martin became involved in a shoving match with a man who had been drinking, and the following evening he ended up in a fight with Whitson. In the latter altercation, Martin suffered a broken right arm and a cracked rib.

"People refused to say who threw the first punch or didn't know," the source said of the Whitson encounter. However, the report indicated that after the fight began in the bar and was broken up, "Billy pursued Whitson into the lobby, then to the front door and then in the hall on the third floor. And then Billy tried to get (Yankees coach) Willie Horton to beat up on Whitson." . . .

King County Council approved a new lease agreement for Kingdome with the Seattle Mariners. The agreement, approved on a 5-3 vote following nearly an hour of discussion, would provide an estimated $19 million in financial benefits to the American League franchise through 1996. The agreement allows the team to leave Seattle if it fails to meet attendance goals or if the state legislature refuses to provide financial aid.