What's wrong with this picture? There are the members of the Washington Bullets, laughing and joking and having a good time.

However, the team isn't running in a full-court scrimmage but working on only half the floor. In addition, not many shots are being taken.

What's wrong with this picture? Not a thing if you're Washington Coach Gene Shue, who believes that his emphasis on defense is taking hold.

One day after a 109-104 victory over the San Antonio Spurs, his team is enjoying participating in its defensive drills.

"We can score enough points to win but I firmly believe that defense is the old equalizer," said Shue. "If we can generate enough enthusiasm for playing defense that may be just the impetus we need to really do well."

This weekend the team will have an opportunity to see just how far it has come in stopping the opposition. Tonight in Norfolk, the Bullets will meet the Chicago Bulls, led by their all-star guard Michael Jordan. The following night brings a game against the Philadelphia 76ers. That game will be played in Richmond.

Washington hopes Jeff Ruland will be participating in both of the upcoming games. The center sat out yesterday's workout with a sore foot, a souvenir from the game against San Antonio. "Someone stepped on it, but it looks like it'll be okay," he said after soaking the foot in ice water. "I should be able to go."

Forward Dan Roundfield and guard Frank Johnson definitely are out of this weekend's games with arm and foot miseries, respectively. That could be just as well as Shue continues the process of reducing the 16 players remaining in camp down to 12, the maximum allowed on NBA rosters.