The San Diego Chargers, with Dan Fouts, Wes Chandler and Kellen Winslow back, had a three-point lead in the fourth period. And they hadn't allowed Tommy Kramer of the Minnesota Vikings to pass to a wide receiver even once.

But with 19 seconds to play, Kramer threw a 26-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Leo Lewis to give the Vikings a 21-17 NFL victory.

"I was covered by one man, which was unusual for this game," said Lewis, who is 5 feet 8. "The pass was a little underthrown and not much of the end zone was left. In that situation, it's a split-second reaction. You can't think about it."

Danny Walters, who was covering Lewis, tipped the ball. "I was trying to bring the ball down," he said. "Lewis got his hand in there and poked it back up to make the catch."

"They take away most of the intermediate routes and long routes," Kramer said. "It gets frustrating having to dump it off to your backs and tight ends every time."

But he completed 31 of 46 passes for 311 yards. Linden King's interception with about 11 minutes to play had set up Tim Spencer's one-yard dive that put San Diego ahead with 6:13 to play.

Fouts had led San Diego's drive after replacing Mark Herrmann in the fourth quarter. Fouts had missed most of the last two games with a knee injury. Winslow, a tight end, had been out a year with a knee injury, and Chandler, a wide receiver, had missed a game because of a bad ankle. None was able to play extensively.