Linebacker Joel Williams, one of 12 veterans who boycotted the Philadelphia Eagles' training camp because of salary disputes, has ended his status as the final holdout by signing a two-year contract . . .

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Dennis Johnson, on the possibility of facing the Bears' 300-pound-plus William (The Refrigerator) Perry as a running back this week: "When you go in, you carry an elephant gun with you. That guy's a Mack truck going down a hill . . . "

The Pittsburgh Steelers have cut players known to be using drugs, club President Dan Rooney said, but he would not name the players or the seasons involved. Asked if any of the firings occurred within the last 10 years, he said, "Probably in the last 10, obviously more so in the last five . . . "

The Atlanta Falcons placed veteran quarterback Steve Bartkowski on the injured reserve list, and a club official said Bartkowski probably had played his final game for the team.

"It's unlikely he'll be in a Falcon uniform again," said Eddie LeBaron, the team's executive vice president.

Bartkowski missed the last two Atlanta games after injuring his right knee against the San Francisco 49ers. He has had surgery on his right knee five times during an 11-year NFL career . . .

Quarterback Art Schlichter, cut recently by the Indianapolis Colts, has been approached by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League.

Winnipeg told Schlichter it "was interested" and wanted to discuss the situation further, said Gilman Kirk, one of Schlichter's advisers.