Orleans Parish Judge Alvin Oser, who dismissed sports bribery charges against former Tulane basketball star John (Hot Rod) Williams, has been declared unfit to preside over the upcoming trials of four other defendants in the point-shaving scandal.

The ruling by another judge came in response to efforts by prosecutors to remove Oser from the cases, saying he is biased against them. During a court hearing Oct. 17, assistant district attorneys testified Oser cursed and threatened them during breaks in the Williams trial.

Judge Patrick Quinlan, who made yesterday's decision, will preside over the future cases -- involving Tulane student Ken Turkel, former Green Wave player David Dominique and suspected bookmakers Roland Ruiz and Craig Bourgeois. Trial dates have not been set . . .

Attorneys for the city argued in federal court in Baltimore that the NFL Colts were spirited away through a conspiracy between owner Robert Irsay, the city of Indianapolis and Mayflower van lines. The suit, one of several legal avenues being used by the city against the Colts, seeks unspecified damages and the return of the franchise to Baltimore. The city argued that John Smith, chief executive officer for the Mayflower moving company, told Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut in mid-February, 1984, that he would "move the team for free" if the Colts could be lured from Baltimore.