Defensive end Dexter Manley, who returned to practice yesterday after totaling his Ford Bronco in front of Redskin Park Thursday, might be fined by the Washington Redskins.

General Manager Bobby Beathard said a decision would be made on disciplinary action after Sunday's game at Atlanta, in which Manley is expected to start as usual.

When asked if punishment would take the form of a fine, Beathard answered with a laugh, "What are we going to do, bench him for a game?"

Manley skipped team meetings Thursday morning, then made a brief visit to Redskin Park that afternoon before practice.

On his way out of the parking lot, he ran into a 16-wheel Chevrolet tractor-trailer and was charged by Fairfax County police with failure to yield the right of way.

The police said Manley passed a field sobriety test at the scene.

"If I'd been out six more inches, I wouldn't be standing here," Manley said yesterday. "I'm very, very lucky."

Manley said he bumped his head in the accident but didn't have a headache. "I'm tough," he said, smiling.

As Manley spoke with reporters after practice, running back John Riggins, who practiced after missing two days with a bruised back, walked past.

"Me and Riggo are going to do a car commercial," Manley said.

"You'd be a good Ford spokesman," Riggins shot back.

Riggins practiced sparingly and "still looked a little stiff," said Coach Joe Gibbs.

Gibbs said he would not make a decision on starting Riggins or George Rogers until he spoke with Riggins, but it appears likely Rogers will receive most of the work Sunday.