Chris Mullin, the Golden State Warriors' top draft pick, signed a four-year agreement with the struggling NBA club and was to be in uniform last night.

A little later, the Warriors reported that high-scoring forward Purvis Short, who left the club four weeks ago, agreed to a "restructured" contract and also would suit up.

"I'm more than happy to be here," Mullin told reporters in Oakland, after traveling with his agent from New York City. The package accepted by the St. John's guard reportedly amounts to about $2 million.

The Warriors have yet to sign second-round draft choice Bobby Lee Hurt of Alabama, and have been without former Washington Bullet Greg Ballard, recovering from knee surgery. Former Bullet Guy Williams was released when Short returned . . .

The names and telephone numbers of several Boston area professional athletes, including Celtics players, reportedly were found in a file seized in a raid at an alleged cocaine dealer's home in Brookline, Mass.

Red Auerbach, Celtics president, told the Boston Globe that police contacted him about the discovery last Thursday and, "When the team came to Washington to play a game on Saturday night, I took the players named aside.

"I looked them right in the eye, and I told them I wanted the truth. They told me they never heard of the man and never met him in their lives. They said the whole thing was phony. I want it reported that before this ever hit the press, we conducted our own investigation. I am satisfied my players are telling me the truth. I told them to forget about it."