Quarterback Lynn Dickey, who had lost his starting job three weeks ago, got another chance today. He did so well that, late in the Green Bay Packers' 38-14 victory over the New Orleans Saints, he was on the bench again.

He completed 22 of 35 passes for 302 yards and two touchdowns, then let Jim Zorn finish. Dickey had reclaimed his job by relieving Zorn a week ago in a victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

"I never lacked for a second any confidence at any point this season," Dickey said. "There's never been one single day that I ever had a lack of self-confidence."

The Saints (3-8) have lost six straight. Their coach, Bum Phillips, had said last week that he would quit if they didn't win at least five games the rest of the season. He also resorted to a new quarterback today, Bobby Hebert. The Packers sacked him six times.

"All I have said is that I won't stay someplace that I'm not wanted," Phillips said. "Now that might mean that my magic number is one or even three or four. But . . . if we win the rest of our games, and I'm still not wanted, it will be simple."