Giants linebacker Gary Reasons remembered the play that ended Joe Theismann's season. "It looked like a run at first," he said, "but then Theismann got the ball back. Taylor got to him first and I fell on top.

"Theismann started yelling in pain and then I heard L.T. (Lawrence Taylor) say he heard it pop."

Harry Carson, another of the Giants linebackers, who was first to hit Theismann on the play, said, "I have never seen anything like it before.

"Theismann was just lying on the ground in agony."

New York Giants Coach Bill Parcells gave the Redskins their due. "I thought the Redskins played well tonight," he said. "It was a tough game physically on both sides and I think we got outplayed. We had our chances to win the game and we just couldn't do it. I give them credit."

Of Theismann's replacement, Jay Schroeder, Parcells said, "Schroeder didn't panic. He did quite well and surprised a lot of us. I don't think any pressure was on him. The pressure was on us.

"We didn't know much about Schroeder, but I commend him for being prepared to play. That's what a backup is supposed to do. He is supposed to be able to come in and play, and that's what he did. He did a good job."

The Redskins did a good job with their onside kicks, recovering two in the second half. Said Parcells, "We just missed the first one and weren't alert on the second. They executed and we did not get it done.

Parcells, aware that the Giants had lost a chance to take over sole possession of first place in the NFC East Division, said, "That tightens the division race up. But that's the way it's been for two years and that's the way I think it will stay until the end of the season.