Michael Graham said yesterday he has not signed a contract to play with the Albany Patroons of the Continental Basketball Association, and will remain at the University of the District of Columbia, where he still hopes to play basketball.

"There's no way I've signed to play in the CBA," Graham, the former Georgetown forward, said. "I haven't seen any kind of contract or heard of one. I don't know where that got started. But I wouldn't sell myself to a team for $6,000. I think I'm worth more than that. I think my scholarship (to UDC) is worth that much."

Graham has been attending UDC since January, after Georgetown Coach John Thompson suspended Graham from the team for what he called "academic inconsistencies." Recently, UDC determined that Graham wouldn't be eligible to play until next season.

Last week, the Albany team announced it had signed Graham for approximately $6,000, which is the average salary in the CBA. Team General Manager Gary Holle said at that time, "Nobody has ever drafted him, he was available and we signed him."

But yesterday, Holle said: "I don't know how all of these rumors got started. It's true, we haven't signed him. We hope to. We'd love to have him. But it's up to him."

Graham said, "I'm going to stay right here at UDC and finish my education." When asked if he would be able to play at UDC again, Graham said, "I'm working on it. I hope to."