United Press International has filed a protest with NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, saying some New York Giants players ordered a female UPI reporter from their dressing room, verbally abused her and pushed a reporter who came to her aid.

Cammy Clark, who works part-time for UPI and WRC-TV in Washington, and is a free-lance reporter for The Washington Post, said the incident occurred after the Giants lost to the Redskins, 23-21, Monday night at RFK Stadium.

Clark said she entered the dressing room to get quotes for a UPI story when several Giants began cursing her and ordered her to leave. "They were hassling me pretty bad," she said. "They were verbally abusing me, saying women shouldn't be in the locker room," and shouting, " 'Get her out! Get her out!' "

Clark said Greg Mosso, a reporter for radio station WHUR, was roughed up by some Giants players when he tried to help her . . .

Doug Flutie, the 1984 Heisman Trophy winner, said he has been guaranteed the opportunity to compete against Jim Kelly for the starting quarterback job with the New Jersey Generals of the U.S. Football League. Kelly, the league's top quarterback last season, reportedly is coming to New Jersey as part of a proposed merger between the Generals and Houston Gamblers.

Flutie was in Washington yesterday to accept the Timmie Award, emblematic of the nation's top college quarterback, from the Touchdown Club of Washington. Flutie was unable to attend the club's January dinner, at which the award is normally presented, because he was playing in Japan.