Billy Martin, deposed as manager but still under contract to the New York Yankees, could wind up in the television booth during the team's 1986 games.

Owner George Steinbrenner said he talked with Martin about two possible jobs: TV broadcasting, or an advisory position dealing directly with Steinbrenner.

"There was one other possibility," Steinbrenner said. "His lawyer, Eddie Sapir, said another club has shown some interest in Billy as a manager." . . .

Yogi Berra didn't know quite what to say when North Dakota potato farmers dumped a huge load of spuds -- 900 boxes of 50 pounds each -- on his front lawn in Montclair, N.J., but, as usual, he found words: "What can you say? It's a lot of potatoes." As a tractor-trailer delivered the nearly 23 tons of Red River Valley tubers, the Yankees' former manager, recently named a Houston Astros coach, allowed, "I like potatoes. It's a good thing I like potatoes."

Learning in a chat at the Roger Maris golf invitational in Fargo, N.D., last summer that potatoes were a major crop in the state, Berra reportedly said he never thought you could grow potatoes there and all the state's spuds would probably fit on his front lawn.

Some Dakota farmers heard about the remark, and voila!

Most of the potatoes will go to charities preparing Thanksgiving dinners for the needy . . .

None of which includes Terry Forster, the Atlanta Braves' reliever. A week at a reducing spa has convinced the portly left-hander that swordfish is better than tacos, it is better to rise early and run than sleep late and play golf and it is better to stay in a controlled environment than return home for Thanksgiving.

"I'm flabbergasted," Forster told the Atlanta Constitution from the La Costa Spa in California. "It's the greatest thing I've ever done in my life. I'm finding out that I've got a completely different outlook . . . I'm being enlightened."

Forster said he weighs 245, down from his season-ending 272. Still, new Braves Manager Chuck Tanner wants him at 215 for spring training and says, "That 245 isn't good enough. He has to show us over a longer period than one week."

Forster stayed over at the spa three extra days.