Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann yesterday was released from Arlington Hospital several days ahead of schedule, and might attend Sunday's game against San Francisco at RFK Stadium, team doctor Charles Jackson said.

Theismann, wearing a sweatsuit and accompanied by fiance Cathy Lee Crosby, left the hospital in a wheelchair and walked on crutches to a car.

He left eight days after suffering a compound fracture of his lower right leg in the Redskins' 23-21 victory over the New York Giants.

Earlier, Jackson had said Theismann would stay in the hospital until at least Thanksgiving Day.

"He just was not getting enough rest at the hospital," Jackson said with a laugh yesterday, adding quickly, "I'm only joking."

Jackson took Theismann off antibiotics Monday after examining his wound and taking out the stitches.

"The wound looked excellent," Jackson said.

A third X-ray of the leg, taken Monday night, showed an "excellent" alignment of the reset tibia and fibula bones, he added.

"He plans to rest and keep his leg up at home," Jackson said. "When he walks, he'll put gentle weight on the leg."

Jackson said he told Theismann to call him later in the week to discuss the possibility of attending the 49ers game -- as a fan.