The Chicago Bears' William (The Refrigerator) Perry will make his debut as an off-the-field entertainer on "The Bob Hope Christmas Show" Dec. 15 on NBC, a spokesman for Hope said.

Perry was invited personally by Hope to appear on the show. The comedian will fly to Chicago to tape the session with Perry . . .

Ahmad Rashad, who chased footballs for 11 years in the NFL, used the airwaves for his romantic pursuits Thursday, proposing marriage to actress Phylicia Ayers-Allen during a pregame show. Rashad popped the question before NBC's broadcast of the New York Jets-Detroit Lions game at the Pontiac, Mich., Silverdome.

After doing a feature on the Jets' Joe Klecko, Rashad looked into the camera and asked Ayers-Allen to marry him. Ayers-Allen, who appears on "The Cosby Show," was in New York for NBC's coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

A messenger was sent for Ayers-Allen, who went on the air from the network's New York studio during halftime. She looked at Rashad over a video monitor and simply said, "Yes." . . .

Johnny (Blood) McNally, a halfback on four Green Bay Packers championship teams in pre-World War II years, died Thursday in Palm Springs, Calif., the day after his 82nd birthday.

McNally, who ranks 16th on the Packers' all-time scoring list with 224 points, was one of the original 17 players inducted in 1963 into the Professional Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

He took his nickname off a movie marquee in the 1920s when he signed up with a semipro team in Minneapolis but wanted to preserve his eligibility at St. John's University in Minnesota. Walking with another player, McNally noticed a movie house that was showing "Blood and Sand."