With Navy leading Penn State, 50-14, tonight, the Lions' coach, Bruce Parkhill, responded to a foul against his basketball team by shouting, "This is getting ridiculous."

It certainly was. The Midshipmen jumped to a 31-6 advantage after 11 1/2 minutes, expanded it to 92-31 with 5:45 remaining and wound up winners by 103-50 after Penn State's full-court press closed the gap against Navy's third-stringers.

For the Midshipmen, it was joyful revenge for a three-point loss at University Park last season, when Penn State ended a 17-game losing streak with what Navy considered a big assist from hometown officials.

"We came out fired up after last year," said Navy center David Robinson. "It was pretty embarrassing going up there and breaking their losing streak. Tonight, we just tried to play tough at the beginning and luckily we got an early lead and they seemed to get discouraged. It was much like a layup drill in the first half."

The 53-point differential made it the fourth-biggest blowout in Navy history. It came two nights after a 50-point victory over Case Western Reserve, but Penn State is a legitimate Division I opponent -- at least in football.

Robinson had 21 points and 17 rebounds and blocked eight shots in 23 minutes. He had nine points in the first four minutes as Navy took an 11-4 lead.

The Lions closed to 11-6, then Navy ran off 20 points in a row to end any semblance of a contest. Kylor Whitaker had eight points and Doug Wojcik, who normally refrains from shooting, seven in that seven-minute stretch.

"Last year, they sort of sagged off me -- I didn't shoot well all last year," said Wojcik, who finished with 11 points and five steals. "I prepared myself to shoot tonight. And they threw lousy passes. It was easy to anticipate and steal the ball."

The Midshipmen could do nothing wrong. When Mike Peapos stole the ball from Robinson under the Penn State basket and tried to shoot, Robinson blocked it so hard the ball went out of bounds near midcourt.

When Vernon Butler made an erratic pass that seemed headed out of bounds or into the back court, Whitaker made a remarkable leap to tap it back to Wojcik in the Lions' end. When Wojcik subsequently shot and missed, Robinson stuffed the rebound.

In those first 11 1/2 minutes, Penn State took 17 shots, of which it made three, with six blocked and eight off target. The Lions' six personal fouls matched their points and their 10 turnovers almost doubled them.

In only 25 minutes, Butler hit eight of nine shots as he had 18 points and eight rebounds. A graduate of High Point High in Beltsville, he also held the distinction of being the only instate player to start for either team. Penn State's ineptitude could not be traced to Pennsylvanians.

Navy hit 20 of 32 shots in the first half and wound up with 59.4 percent for the game. Penn State hit seven of 27 before intermission and raised its mark to 31 percent for the night.

To discount any thoughts that Navy deliberately was rolling up the score, its third-highest scorer was freshman forward Nate Bailey, a third-stringer who had 13 points in 19 minutes.