Frustration didn't wear well today on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fortunate to be ahead at halftime, yet ripe to succumb to a fierce onslaught at the end of a 17-12 loss to the Washington Redskins, the Eagles suffered their second consecutive five-point loss to fall to 6-8 and out of playoff contention with two weeks to go.

Naturally, this didn't please many people in the Eagles' locker room, especially strong safety Ray Ellis.

"I sure as hell wish we'd start winning because I hate it. I hate it. I hate it . . . " he said, adding a few more "hate-its."

"Losing, it messed up my whole lifestyle. I hate losing probably more than anything else in my whole life.

"We have a bunch of great guys here, but the hell with great guys. We've got to be nasty."

The Eagles had their mean moments, incurring penalties on Mark Moseley's extra points on the Redskins' two second-half touchdowns.

But, more often than not, they could not pull the big play out of a revamped, Sid Gillman-style offense, and lost to the Redskins for the first time in three games.

"That's a tough one to lose," said Coach Marion Campbell, whose job is said to be on the line in these last two weeks.

His defense yielded 310 total yards, including 166 on the ground.

Asked about this, Campbell said, "I'm not happy with anything after a loss . . . I'm sick over the loss. And a lot of things contributed to it."

The play that might linger longest in his mind is Michael Haddix's three-yard reception on a swing pass from Ron Jaworski on second and goal at the five.

Washington cornerback Darrell Green ran up to grab Haddix by his shoetops as he tried to lunge into the end zone. A touchdown would have given the Eagles the lead, 19-17, with four minutes to play.

Haddix, who had gained eight yards on an earlier swing pass in the drive, said he thought he was past Green. "He reached back and got me," Haddix said.

Rich Milot stuffed the third-down play and batted down the fourth-down pass to end the Eagles' threat.

It was left to Campbell to sum up Philadelphia's day of little yardage, a few breaks, but no luck.

"We had a tough afternoon of hitting," he said, "but it wasn't enough."