Michigan State running back Lorenzo White and Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth, both sophomores, made Associated Press all-America.

Virginia offensive tackle Jim Dombrowski made first team and Navy running back Napoleon McCallum second team. (Listing on D4) . . .

Texas A&M officials, including Coach Jackie Sherrill, called a news conference to discuss reports about alleged football recruiting violations and then abruptly canceled.

An A&M spokesman said, "We have reconsidered, and decided to refrain from dignifying by further discussion the allegations made by the Dallas Times Herald."

A&M officials earlier in the day said the stories contained "numerous errors" and used as sources "former A&M football players who . . . were dismissed from the team for various reasons or left under clouded conditions and thus had 'axes to grind' and could be receptive to the paper's quest to 'get A&M.' "

"I'll be glad to take a lie detector test on that if Coach Sherrill will take a lie detector test," said the newspaper's acting editor, Larry Tarleton.

The Times Herald's series of copyright stories about the Aggies football program continued yesterday . . .

Pat Jones, the Oklahoma State football coach, could be on the verge of filling Sherrill's old, and Foge Fazio's recent, job at Pitt. OSU's athletic director, Myron Roderick, said he "would be surprised if he doesn't leave." . . .

Jake Nevin, Villanova's athletic trainer for more than a half-century, died yesterday after a long battle with Lou Gehrig's disease.

The Villanova basketball team dedicated its April 1 NCAA championship game with Georgetown to the white- haired, wheelchair-bound Nevin, and went on to a stunning victory. After the game, the players draped the net around the neck of Nevin.