Capt. J.O. (Bo) Coppedge made it official yesterday. He has reviewed the Navy football season, which ended with Saturday's 17-7 victory over Army, and Gary Tranquill will remain coach of the Midshipmen.

"Oh, yeah," Coppedge, director of athletics at the Naval Academy, said when asked if Tranquill was staying. Coppedge declined any other comment about the terms of Tranquill's employment, saying it is his policy never to discuss contracts.

A published report last week said that Tranquill, who has a 17-26-1 record in four seasons but is 3-1 against Army, would resign if the Midshipmen lost to the Cadets. At the time, Tranquill vehemently denied the story, and Coppedge gave his coach a vote of confidence but said that contracts of all coaches are reviewed annually at the conclusion of the season.

Tranquill has completed the fourth year of what is believed to be a five-year contract. Coppedge declined comment when asked whether Tranquill had received any extension of the contract.

Tranquill also declined to discuss the specifics of his contract, saying, "I don't think that's anybody's concern. I'm going to be here next season . . . Football's a funny profession. You never know what's going to happen. You live from one day to the next."