Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs said yesterday he was told by the National Football League he will be fined for his comments on the officiating in the Redskins' 17-12 victory over Philadelphia on Dec. 8.

Gibbs, who spoke with members of the league's officiating department last week on the phone, complained that officiating has been "inconsistent" this season.

"I see just bad decisions, bad calls," he said last week, referring to two controversial calls that went against the Redskins at Philadelphia.

But Joe Browne, NFL director of communications, said last night he did not know of any fine.

"Coach Gibbs did speak to members of our officiating department," Browne said. "What was said I'd like to think is between us and Coach Gibbs. I know of no fine being levied."

A penalty against Barry Wilburn for an illegal block above the waist nullified a 90-yard punt return for a touchdown by Darrell Green.

The league said a review found that call was wrong, Gibbs confirmed yesterday.

Gibbs also was angry about three penalties on an Eagles' incompletion, including an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Vernon Dean for throwing his helmet.

Gibbs, who is a proponent of the use of instant replays to aid officials, also said he wants to see tougher grading of officials.