The Los Angeles Raiders overcame frequent mistakes to conquer punchless Seattle, 13-3, today and wrap up the AFC West championship.

Chris Bahr kicked two first-half field goals and Marcus Allen, who topped 100 yards for the eighth straight game, ran seven yards for the only touchdown of the day as the Raiders got even for an earlier 33-3 loss.

The Seahawks, who penetrated the Raiders 30 only once, were eliminated from playoff contention.

The Raiders held a 6-3 lead at halftime, as the proliferation of yellow handkerchiefs on the field reached farcical proportions.

The Raiders were called three times in the second period for offensive pass interference, with one of the penalties wiping out an apparent two-yard touchdown pass from Marc Wilson to tight end Todd Christensen.

Then Chris Bahr kicked field goals on three straight downs in the last minute of the half before one counted.

The Seahawks, who totaled only 52 yards in the half, scored first on a 37-yard field goal by Norm Johnson.

The kick was set up when defensive end Jacob Green stripped the ball from Wilson on a third-down pass attempt and the opposite end, Randy Edwards, recovered at the Raiders' 47.

The Seahawks managed two of their four first-half first downs on third-down completions by Dave Krieg to move within range of Johnson's toe.

The Raiders blew a big chance, after defensive end Greg Townsend knocked the ball loose from Krieg and end Sean Jones recovered at the Seattle 26. On the next play, Raider Marcus Allen was jolted by safety Paul Moyer and lost the ball, which was covered by the Seahawks' Jeff Bryant at the 20.

Early in the second period, there was a hint of things to come, as Seattle ran a second-down play four times, following two offensive holding calls and a Raiders violation for 12 men on the field.

The home team, limited to one first down in the first period, got moving on a 44-yard completion from Wilson to wide receiver Jesse Hester at the Seattle 33.

Allen carried four times for 21 yards and, along with a seven-yard pass interference call against Seattle, the Raiders had a second down at the Seahawks' five. But after two incomplete passes, one of which featured a declined offensive interference foul, Bahr kicked his 100th field goal for the Raiders from 22 yards out.

The Raiders ate up the last 5:40 of the half on an unbelievable drive from their 43 that culminated in a 27-yard field goal by Bahr.

Eight plays were run off, more or less, after the Raiders moved to a first down at the Seattle two. On the first try, Christensen was called for offensive interference after catching Wilson's pass in the end zone.

Another offensive interference foul, against wide receiver Dokie Williams, threw the Raiders back and, although a completion to Christensen regained 13 yards, it came down to fourth and goal at the five.

Bahr's successful 22-yard kick was erased by a tripping penalty against tight end Andy Parker. Then a 32-yarder was wiped out, because Seattle was ruled to have caused contact before the snap. When Bahr connected from 27 with three seconds left, the crowd cheered derisively.

The Raiders got a big break in the third period, and nobody appreciated it more than linebacker Reggie McKenzie.

Krieg passed to running back Rick Parros, who made a diving catch near the sideline at the Raiders' 30. McKenzie neglected to down Parros, who got up and ran to the 15, where he was hit by safety Stacey Toran. The ball came loose and stayed in bounds, to be covered by linebacker Jeff Barnes at the 13.

The Raiders then drove to a first down at the Seattle 32, where they bogged down and chose to punt on fourth and 12.

Ray Guy angled the ball out at the Seattle two on the first play of the fourth quarter. Although the Seahawks got it out as far as the 29, they wound up kicking from the 15 after a third-down sack of Krieg.

Starting from the 50, the Raiders moved to the Seahawks' 26, where Frank Hawkins gained only one yard on third and two. Coach Tom Flores chose to try a field goal and Bahr was wide right from 43 yards.

The Raiders got the ball back following three incompletions and moved 48 yards in four plays to the game's touchdown.

For one more zany touch, Bahr's conversion caromed right after hitting the left post to make it 13-3.

Three players were ejected after a midfield melee with four minutes left. They were Seattle tackle Bryan Millard and Raider linebackers Rod Martin and Jeff Barnes. Barnes tried to kick Millard.