Gerry Faust is the new football coach at the University of Akron.

"I was born as a Buckeye, raised as a Buckeye, lived most of my life as a Buckeye, and it's great to be back here," he said in Akron yesterday.

"I'm delighted for him," said Gene Corrigan, the athletic director at Notre Dame, where Faust recently quit. "I think it's wonderful."

The school's winningest football coach at 80-62-2, Jim Dennison, was moved up to associate athletic director. Dennison's team was 8-3 this season.

Reportedly, Faust's five-year deal at Akron is worth at least $70,000 a year. He resigned at the end of this season after five years at Notre Dame . . .

Anthony Fitton, jailed in San Diego for trafficking in anabolic steriods, says he sold such drugs to several Nebraska football players in 1983 and 1984 and sent, on request, steroids to one Cornhuskers player on the eve of the Orange Bowl game two years ago.

Fitton was identified in an interview in an upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated as the former strength coach at Auburn, but in fact worked for the National Strength Research Institute, part of the school's physical education department. An Auburn spokesman said Fitton was never part of the football program . . .

Roy Chipman, 46, will quit as the University of Pittsburgh's basketball coach when this season, his sixth, ends, partly because of allegations of recruiting violations.

"There have been a lot of innuendoes made about us," he said. "It would be foolish of me to say and naive for you to believe that this didn't have something to do with my decision. I'm tired. A lot of people have been taking liberties with my integrity. My mother and father have read what has been written about us in some of the publications."

The NCAA reportedly is investigating an allegation made by Villanova University freshman forward Doug West that a Panthers booster offered him $10,000 to attend Pitt. Pitt officials denied that.