Beth Hanson (St. Paul, Minn.), Gina Basile (Fairfield, N.J.) and Marie Robbins (Fairfax) tied for the overall lead last night with 36.55 entering today's finale of the ninth annual Nation's Cup gymnastics competition at Montgomery College-Rockville.

The event, hosted by Marvateens Gymnastics, drew about 350 spectators to the school's field house.

Two hundred thirty girls ages 14-16 from 16 states and two teams from Canada are participating in the four-event competition (vaulting, floor exercise, uneven parallel bars and balance beam).

Basile, of the North Stars, earned scores of 9.35 (bars), 9.25 (beam) 9.15 (floor exercise) and 9.12 (vault).

"I've very pleased with Gina," said coach Tony Gehman. "She's an extremely consistent performer. She won't score the 9.7s, but she'll hit nice nines straight across the board."

Trailing the three leaders in the overall was Basile's teammate Joyce Wilborn, with 36.50. Wilborn might have tied for the lead had she not "missed on the dismount" on the uneven parallel bars and fallen, cutting her score to 8.75 in that event. "I just didn't stick it right," said Wilborn, who hit almost perfectly on her floor exercise and scored 9.7.

The North Stars enter today's segment with the team lead at 109.65, followed by Bridgettes of South Plainfield, N.J., 108.75, Marvateens-Red of Rockville, 108.25, Marvateens-White, 107.2 and Karons of Fairfax, 107.15.

Today's activity begins with preliminaries at 9 a.m. The finals are at 2 p.m.