San Diego State will withhold $10,000 from Coach Denny Stolz's paychecks each year to ensure that he keeps his new football team out of trouble with the NCAA.

Athletic Director Fred Miller said he made the withholding deal part of the job description before he interviewed anyone for the vacancy. Stolz will get the money, plus interest, at the end of each year in which his program doesn't run afoul of the NCAA. Miller says he wants to deter rules violations rather than clean them up.

"Everybody does it after the horse is out of the barn," he said. "We want to do it while the horse is there. . . . "

UPI's Board of Coaches was not impressed by Georgetown's 85-70 victory over De Paul Saturday. Despite the victory, the undefeated Hoyas' first against a ranked opponent this season, Georgetown dropped from sixth to seventh in the polls, flipping places with Georgia Tech, which beat three unranked teams. North Carolina remained No. 1 . . .

Terry Thompson, a reserve linebacker and nose guard at Texas A&M in 1982-83, was broke and stranded at Houston's Hobby Airport over Christmas 1983. James Allega, a graduate of A&M who owns a travel agency in Midland, helped him get home. Thompson also told the Dallas Times-Herald that he got up to $100 a day for working in Allega's yard.

Now it appears that the airport rescue might have violated NCAA rules. "It may very well be," Allega said. "I really do not care, because I would help the kid if he was stranded next time. I'd help your kid. I'd hope somebody would help mine. If it's bad to help somebody like that, then I'm guilty."

As for the yardwork, Allega says he paid going rates.

Thompson said Coach Jackie Sherrill kicked him off the team in 1984 for refusing to take a drug test . . .

Earl Kelley, a basketball star at the University of Connecticut, was found guilty of violating three student conduct codes by a 9 1/2-hour school tribunal, but a more serious weapons charge was dismissed. Sanctions are pending.