Guard Frank Johnson will be lost to the Washington Bullets for at least eight to 10 weeks and might need surgery on his broken left foot, the team's physician, Steve Haas, said yesterday.

"It's my opinion that an operation will be necessary," Haas said, "but it's nothing that has to be done tomorrow or the next day."

Although Haas would not say surgery was certain, he left the impression there is no alternative for Johnson, who had returned to action 14 games ago after recuperating from a broken fourth metatarsal bone of his left foot. He broke the bone again in the closing seconds of Saturday's 98-93 victory over the New Jersey Nets.

Johnson and Haas discussed several options yesterday, including surgery and a bone graft.

"I think surgery may be the best thing," Johnson said later. "That's my personal opinion, but right now it seems that would be the best thing."

Johnson, who first broke the bone last Feb. 7 against the Detroit Pistons, did not attend last night's game against the Indiana Pacers. Haas has told him not to do anything that might jar the foot, which has not yet been placed in a cast.

The Bullets also played last night without center Jeff Ruland, who has a broken right ankle, and forwards Darren Daye and Kenny Green, guard Gus Williams and trainer John Lally, who have flu.