Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka said he won't be rooting for either New England or Miami in Sunday's AFC championship game.

The Dolphins were the only team to beat Chicago this season.

"I honestly don't care who wins, and I mean that," said Ditka, whose team plays the Los Angeles Rams for the NFC title, also Sunday.

However, he did add an indirect forecast for the game.

"Maybe the third time is a charm," he said, referring to Miami's having beaten the Patriots twice this year.

Bears president Michael McCaskey stopped by the office of defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan to congratulate him on the way his players performed in the 21-0 victory over the Giants last Sunday.

Ryan also had a suggestion for McCaskey. "Get on the phone to the league office and start complaining about holding," Ryan said. "I mean holding on running plays, not passing."

Ditka said: "The Rams are the biggest holders in football."

In Boston, local newspapers have given extensive coverage to the one-blow fight between New England Patriots General Manager Patrick Sullivan and linebacker Matt Millen of the Los Angeles Raiders. Sullivan, who Millen hit above the eye with his helmet, has been nicknamed "John L." by the media.

The opportunism of the Patriots, most obvious in the playoffs, has been evident all year. In the regular season, they led the AFC in takeaways, converting turnovers into 128 points.