Prince George's County School Superintendent John A. Murphy has determined that four students at Suitland High School are ineligible to continue playing on the boys basketball team, which won the Maryland AA state championship last year.

School officials would not name the students, but said that two were declared ineligible because they do not meet a residency rule that requires players to live in a geographical area assigned to Suitland. Two others were declared ineligible because they do not meet the year-old requirement that students maintain a C average in order to participate in extracurricular activities.

These students, the school officials said, had not earned a C average during the semester that ended last spring. Eligibility to begin playing on a basketball team is based on spring grades.

Students must also earn a C average during the fall semester that will end this month. Players who find themselves with averages below a C when fall grades are released a few weeks from now will be removed from teams.

Officials said the decision to remove those students will not affect the outcome of games already played this season.

"It's our belief that none of this was intentional on the part of staff or students," said school spokeswoman Jacquelyn Lendsey.

Officials would not say how the students with grades below a C average had been allowed onto the team. Students are required to show their grades to coaches, who then provide an eligibility roster to the school's athletic department. The rosters are then sent to the superintendent's office.

Suitland Coach Irving Hay was not available to comment last night.