Maryland Coach Bobby Ross has approved his new football contract and should sign it by Monday or Tuesday, both Ross and Athletic Director Dick Dull said yesterday.

Ross said he received the final draft from his legal representatives yesterday morning. He reviewed the contract and gave it to Dull for a final check of some of the language involved.

"It came back and Dick has it in his hands," Ross said. "He can assume it's signed."

Dull said that before Ross actually signs, Maryland's legal representatives must approve some minor revisions. But he added that all negotiations were, in fact, complete.

"There are some revisions and I'm looking at them now," Dull said. "I just need to get our representatives' approval at the beginning of next week, their opinion on whether they are appropriate.

"There are no major issues or stumbling blocks . . . We should be able to put this behind us in the next couple of days."

Ross confirmed last month that he had verbally agreed to a perpetual four-year arrangement and an automatic one-year extension at the end of each season. He would earn slightly more than $85,000 annual salary, plus a radio-television package worth $65,000. In addition, he would receive an annuity and the free use of a $250,000 house and an automobile.

Ross would not elaborate on what still was preventing him from signing, but agreed that there were no major issues at stake.

"It isn't anything big, it's more in terms of the language of one element. It's insignificant, really. For all intents and purposes, it's signed."

Ross' one-year contract expired shortly after the Terrapins ended their season by beating Syracuse in the Cherry Bowl Dec. 21. Ross and Dull reached an agreement on the exact terms of his contract in mid-December, and Ross said at that time he expected to sign within a week.