An outbreak of chicken pox, which has hit the Louisiana State basketball team and already has forced the postponement of one game, also could force the postponement or cancellation of a game scheduled Sunday between Georgetown and LSU at Capital Centre.

LSU's John Williams and Bernard Woodside, already in isolation at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Louisiana, could be joined soon by sophomore Ricky Blanton and assistant coach Ron Abernathy. According to an LSU spokesman, both came down with chicken pox today.

The entire team has been exposed to chicken pox, and only four of the players are immune, having already had the disease.

LSU officials have said that several more players could come down with chicken pox within the next few days. The spokesman said that no decision would be made for the next day or two regarding the status of Sunday's game. But CBS, which is scheduled to televise the game nationally, may not want to wait that long.

LSU's Southeastern Conference game on Saturday with Auburn was postponed and will not be rescheduled for at least two weeks.

Under SEC rules, that game can be made up. But it was unclear today whether LSU would forfeit Sunday's nonconference game with Georgetown if it could not be played.

Before then, however, Georgetown has a date Monday night at 7:30 in Providence, R.I., against the vastly improved Friars.

The Hoyas (15-3, 6-2 in the Big East) don't have much time to reflect on Saturday night's come-from-behind 73-66 victory over Boston College in Boston Garden.

Ralph Dalton and Horace Broadnax made many important plays down the stretch. Georgetown Coach John Thompson said he likes the idea of having Broadnax come off the bench, even though he will remain a starter.

Georgetown starts the second half of the conference season with an opponent that used to be an automatic victory. Not anymore.

Providence recently beat Boston College here, and the Friars appear to be growing more comfortable by the day in Coach Rick Pitino's scrambling run-and-press style.

"There is no easy game in this league," Thompson said.