Alas, we have come up short. We huffed and heaved and groaned and gave, but our 1985-86 Children's Hospital campaign goes into the books as the second most successful in history, not the first.

Here are the final totals:

Grand total: $363,899.27.

Individual donors: 3,525.

Group donors: 819.

We thus finish almost $22,000 behind last year's record total of $385,349.93. Still, this community should take a good look in the mirror and give itself a big, fat smile. Once again, we have helped kids who need it, and provided for kids who will need it in the future. Thanks from me and from my associate, Beth Schwinn, for keeping the Children's spirit alive.

Here is the final batch of '85-'86 group contributors:

Lab 22000, Nuclear Weapons Effects Laboratory, Harry Diamond Laboratories, Adelphi ($37.10).

The Mary T. Scott Sunday School class at Faith Center Inc. of Southeast ($25).

Greenway Liquors Inc. of Greenbelt ($127 from the pickle jar).

Small Change of Reston ($150).

Customers of Drug Shoppe, Rockville ($17).

Epidemiology & Psychopathology Research Branch, Division of Clinical Research, NIMH, DHHS ($18).

Officers and personnel, Naval Telecommunications Center ($122).

C&P Telephone Administrative Services Word Processing Centers ($523.50 raised through a type-a-thon).

Employes at the Center for Naval Analyses, Alexandria ($319.28).

Kaplan/Rosenzweig & Associates Inc., of Bethesda ($250).

Mothers Work of Northwest ($100).

Employes of MAR Inc., Rockville ($80).

The Bethesda Chapter of the Boring Speech Club of America (a scintillating $60).

Friends and neighbors of Mary Brown List of Brookmont ($150 in honor of her 82nd birthday).

Executive Courier Network of Kensington ($140.04).

Employes of the Office of Customer Support Management, General Services Administration ($385).

Primary Church, Rose Hill Baptist Church, Alexandria ($50).

Circuit Provision Center, C&P Telephone ($100).

Giant Pharmacy 1054, Blair Plaza, Silver Spring ($103).

Dale Music Co. Inc., of Silver Spring ($20 from the coffee fund).

Field Artillery/Air Defense Artillery Branch at the Hoffman Building, Alexandria ($20).

The Monday Night Craft Group ($50).

The Third Annual All-Fairlington Arts and Crafts Show ($380.65).

Samuel Ogle Middle School Civitan Club ($50).

Mr. Scheid's sixth-graders at Westlawn Elementary School, Falls Church ($20).

Members of the Army Staff Civilian Personnel Office at the Pentagon ($688.50).

St. Marks Baptist Church of Northwest ($100).

Club Dejouir Inc. of Northeast ($50).

The staff of the Office of Economic Analysis at DOE ($65).

The Thursday Night Highball Mixed Bowling League ($77.50).

The support staff, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation ($40).

The editorial services staff, American Geophysical Union ($231).

The Science Fiction Society at The University of Maryland ($150).

Air Traffic Controllers, National Airport ($835).

The Office of Language Services at the State Department ($880).

Shortway School bus drivers at Bolling Air Force Base ($20).

The Federal City Four ($50).

The Acey-Deucey Poker Club ($40).

Prime Cable of Maryland Evening CSR's ($35).

The gang in the electric shop at The Washington Post ($245).

The staff at the Chevy Chase Library ($20).

Teachers and families at Laytonsville Elementary School ($134 in honor of James Bogard).

The students and student council at John Eager Howard Elementary School, Capitol Heights ($200).

John Blair Chapter, Order of DeMolay, Annandale ($20).

The Rader Clinic Pediatric Staff, Fort Myer ($60).

Ebony Action Incorporated ($50).

And the Audit, Compliance & Investigation Administration at the D.C. Department of Finance and Revenue ($125).