Although Louisiana State's basketball team was given medical clearance today to play again, Georgetown Athletic Director Frank Rienzo said the Hoyas were "examining whether there would be any medical risks or dangers to our own team" if they went through with Sunday's scheduled game at Capital Centre.

Rienzo voiced his fears after LSU's team physician today cleared six players who had been exposed to chicken pox and the Tigers said they were planning to play all of their scheduled games this week. LSU had to postpone last Saturday's game with Auburn, and it originally said several more players could come down with chicken pox. None have yet, but the incubation period of the disease can be lengthy.

Rienzo said LSU and Georgetown still might play the nationally televised game, but he added that Georgetown could play a "substitute game" if it determines that being exposed to the LSU players is too risky.

Rienzo said he hoped the affair would be "sorted out and decided" as soon as possible, but that might take a few days.

A substitute game could be played against Kentucky or Georgia if LSU is unable to play either of those two opponents, as scheduled, before Sunday.

LSU definitely would have to play without star forward John Williams and reserve Bernard Woodside, both of whom have been hospitalized with the chicken pox.

But an LSU spokesman said today the Tigers will have 10 players healthy for games Wednesday against Kentucky, Saturday at Georgia and Sunday at Georgetown, according to Dr. Jim Osterberger.

Four LSU players, including senior guards Don Redden and Derrick Taylor, had chicken pox as children and are immune.

Osterberger cleared six others yesterday, including 6-9 center/forward Jose Vargas and 6-6 center/forward Ricky Blanton.