Two-thirds of the Dallas Cowboys polled by a newspaper say they would be willing to submit to random drug tests, even though most do not think the team has a drug problem.

Nineteen of 30 Cowboys polled by the Dallas Morning News said they would submit to drug tests despite opposition from the National Football League Players Association, the paper reported yesterday.

"There are guys on our team who use illegal substances, maybe 10 out of 50," said one unidentified Cowboy. "But do they have a problem? I don't think so. Everybody shows up for work on time, and they get the job done. In every other business, that is the criteria -- getting to work.

"When you think about it, who needs drugs more than football players? This is a tough job," the player said. "Come out and line up against me if you don't think it is. If they really tested for drugs -- and I'm talking about amphetamines, steroids, cocaine, marijuana -- there wouldn't be enough guys to have a season. Those 320-pounders are not natural. I've played against guys on steroids whose heads were shaking in their helmets." . . .

E.J. Junior of the St. Louis Cardinals took time out from his Pro Bowl duties in Honolulu Saturday to help police arrest a suspect in a hit-and-run traffic accident.

The suspect, who remained locked in his sports car for about an hour after hitting a 3-year-old girl, was prevented from leaving the scene by Junior and other bystanders, according to a police officer who declined to give his name.

Jessica Robinson was taken to Kapiolani Women's and Children's Medical Center, where she was reported in stable condition . . .

Redskins defensive back Darrell Green ran the 60-yard dash in a hand-clocked six seconds to win the featured event at the Dallas Times-Herald track meet Saturday night in Dallas. He finished ahead of New Jersey Generals running back Herschel Walker, Cleveland Browns running back Curtis Dickey and Los Angeles Raiders wide receiver Cliff Branch.