Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka's license to drive has been suspended six months because of his Oct. 14 arrest and Nov. 8 conviction for drunken driving after one of the biggest victories in the team's NFL championship season..

The hearing before Associate Cook County Circuit Judge Earl Hoffenberg was requested by Ditka's attorney to address the coach's refusal to take a breath test to determine blood alcohol level, and to determine whether the arresting officer had probable cause to stop Ditka on the Northwest Tollway.

Ditka left the courtroom without talking to reporters. Attorney Don Reuben, representing Ditka, said he had not decided whether to appeal.

The coach's arrest came after the Bears' return from a victory over San Francisco, reversing the outcome of the previous season's NFC Championship game.

Hoffenberg said he believed the officer, Illinois State Trooper Jesse Armstrong, had probable cause to stop Ditka. Reuben had disputed that and also said Ditka had been willing initially to take the alcohol test, until Armstrong provoked him by handcuffing him.

Ditka testified that being handcuffed made him feel "humiliated and embarrassed . . . and maybe anger. Being handcuffed is something that's never happened to me in my life, and I hope it never happens again."