Plans are being made for the PGA Senior Tour to play an event in Washington this season at the new Avenel Farm Course in Potomac.

The event, called The Chrysler Cup, would be played Sept. 3-7 and probably would involve a Ryder Cup-type format with U.S. Senior players competing against 50-and-over players from the rest of the world.

The new tournament would have to be approved by the Senior Tour policy board, and details of the format would have to be worked out, but these are thought to be relatively minor problems, according to Senior Tour official Ric Clarson.

Another consideration is the condition of the new Avenel Farm Course, which never has held a tournament. The stadium-style course, constructed for the Kemper Open (starting in 1987), probably would have to have a good growing season to be available.

Those considerations are for the future. Of interest to senior players here this weekend was that the fast-growing Senior circuit appears near to adding another major market. New York, Los Angeles and several other large cities have been added within the past two seasons.

According to one source, it is possible The Chrysler Cup, sponsored by Chrysler Corp., would attract network TV coverage. Only one Senior event, the Legends of Golf, currently rates that attention.

A United States vs. the world format could put top foreign players such as Gary Player, Peter Thomson and Bruce Crampton on one team against U.S. players Arnold Palmer, Don January, Billy Casper and Miller Barber.