Jackie Gutierrez, the Orioles' troubled new infielder, arrived in Baltimore tonight and will be examined by doctors this week.

"I'm fine," Gutierrez said. "I don't want to say anything more. Maybe later."

Gutierrez flew from his home in Colombia last weekend. After visiting his two brothers in Miami for a day, he traveled to Baltimore today.

At the moment, the Orioles hope his examination will be completed by Friday and that Gutierrez can fly back to Miami and join the Orioles at spring training.

The Orioles want their doctors to determine whether Gutierrez is able to play this season, something they have doubts about after Gutierrez was released from two Latin America winter teams. The Orioles also have been told that Gutierrez has behaved erratically at times this winter, and a brother said two weeks ago that Gutierrez had "mental" problems.

The Orioles flew a club official to Gutierrez's home in Cartagena, Colombia, last month, but he told General Manager Hank Peters he was unable to make a determination. The Orioles then began urging Gutierrez to fly to Baltimore for an examination.

At that time, they began doing homework on any precedents for voiding the Sammy Stewart-for-Gutierrez trade made in December with the Boston Red Sox.

The Orioles also have asked the American League to check whether Gutierrez was sick at the time of the trade. Team owner Edward Bennett Williams has said he considers the trade on hold until Gutierrez is examined.