Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks reportedly is being sued for child support in Massachusetts. In a complaint filed Wednesday in Cambridge, Sharon Stanford sought temporary and continuing support for his 1-year-old son, Patrick Ewing Jr.

"Patrick does not dispute that this is his son," Henry F. Owens III, a Boston attorney who represents Stanford, told The Globe. "But we have not been able to work out anything that is near to being fair with either Patrick or his attorney. We had no choice but to go to court. It really is a shame we had to take this action."

The complaint alleges Ewing promised Stanford to pay medical expenses and support the child, but since then has contributed "nominal funds."

David B. Falk, vice president of ProServ, the Washington-based agency which represents Ewing, said in a statement, "Patrick Ewing loves and cares about his son dearly. His desire to provide for his son's health, education and welfare transcend any legal obligations which exist in any state in the country. Patrick has continually expressed his willingness to do everything necessary to provide for his child. However, we have never received a reply indicating the specific amount they feel is necessary to maintain a very comfortable environment in which to raise Patrick Jr."