Alan Wiggins messed up a double play, John Shelby a fly ball. Storm Davis didn't throw enough sliders, Jim Boudreau hung a breaking pitch.

The Baltimore Orioles' exhibition season doesn't even start until Saturday, but already their manager is midseason livid.

"Earl Weaver wants everything fixed yesterday," Orioles General Manager Hank Peters said with a respecting smile.

Cue Weaver.

"Eight runs scored, and six of 'em shouldn't have," Weaver said, almost shouting as he stripped off his uniform. "I just hope all possible mistakes come up down here so we can get 'em out of our system. We want 'em to happen now so they can be discussed."

Weaver's team has just finished a third straight day of playing Orioles vs. Orioles, this one ending in a 4-4 tie.

They bus to Fort Lauderdale for a 1:30 p.m. exhibition opener against the New York Yankees Saturday, and in about four more weeks -- on April 7 -- the first of 162 regular-season games will begin.

No matter.

Today's intrasquad game finished with Cal Ripken Sr.'s team rallying for four runs in the sixth and final inning, two of them scoring on Floyd Rayford's triple.

"Yes, John Shelby should have caught that ball," Weaver said. "If he has to stand on top of the wall, he should have caught it. You don't want a ball hit over your head in the last inning. But that's good it happened here. Frank Robinson will take care of it, and everyone will be informed."

Then there's Wiggins' bad throw on a possible second-inning double play. He didn't make it, and a four-run inning was started.

"Alan got a shot in his arm the other day," Weaver said. "It's sore, so I forgive him. But it should have been a double play."

He is asked about Davis, who gave up six hits and four runs in two innings. He is upset again, as he was after the second inning when he charged up to Davis.

"I just asked how many sliders he threw," Weaver said.

How many?

"None, and if he gives up four runs without throwing it, he's going to have to throw it. If it hurts his arm and he doesn't want to throw it, I'll have to find someone else."

Davis said he doesn't like the strain the slider puts on his arm, which is eerily similar to the reason Jim Palmer listed for not throwing sliders. It also is probably no coincidence that Davis idolizes Palmer and gets more than a little advice from him.

"Well, that's fine," Weaver said. "He can go lie on the beach with Palmer who is vacationing on nearby Key Biscayne this month ."

Again, Weaver is rolling.

"Now, Rich Bordi went out there and threw sliders," he said. "It didn't hurt his arm. Did you see the batter? His butt flew out there and he lunged for the ball."

Weaver will use Scott McGregor, Mike Boddicker and Don Aase Saturday, with the Yankees going with Ron Guidry, Bob Tewksbury, Bob Shirley and Al Holland.

He also said this spring training is important for the pitchers because they were so bad last season. He has emphasized that again and again, and some people are tired of hearing how bad they were last season and how good they'll have to be this spring.

"They're making too much of it," McGregor said. "I'm sick of hearing about it. Certainly, you want to silence all the critics and do your thing, but I'm approaching this spring training the way I've approached all the others."

Inside Weaver's office, the manager is reminded of something else, and he's off down the hall.

"Say, did we order those new sunglasses yet?" he asked. "These we have now are no good. They're going to cost us a game sometime."

Three more players signed one-year contracts today, leaving pitcher Nate Snell as the only player without a contract. Contracts were signed by shortstop Kelly Paris, pitcher Ken Dixon and catcher Al Pardo.