Kansas City Royals outfielder Lonnie Smith is angry about the drug penalties ordered by Commissioner Peter Ueberroth.

"I'm not supposed to be talking about this, but I've been holding it in so long that I have to let it out," Smith told the Kansas City Star in a story published yesterday.

"I'm so frustrated right now. I thought I'd feel a little better after our last road trip. Instead, I feel a whole lot worse."

On Tuesday, Smith said he almost changed his mind about accepting the penalties.

"But I realized I better do this," Smith said. "I was in a no-win situation. I didn't want to look like the bad guy, and I don't think the public would have understood."

Smith was one of seven players given the stiffest penalties by Ueberroth as a result of testimony in last summer's cocaine trials in Pittsburgh. He must pay $85,000 to an anti-drug program, perform 100 hours of public service work in each of the next two years and submit to random drug testing for the rest of his career.

Smith said the penalty is not fair because it comes three years after he admitted he had a cocaine problem and voluntarily sought treatment.