The New England Patriots have abandoned the drug testing agreement they reached the day after the Super Bowl and decided to let others in the National Football League settle the issue.

The club decided against implementing its program of drug policing following a series of meetings Saturday at Sullivan Stadium.

"Because the commissioner Pete Rozelle and the players are trying to work together this changes the status of our own efforts," Coach Raymond Berry said in a written statement.

Berry had pushed his players to accept a drug-testing plan, and they agreed to become the first NFL team tested for drug use. The agreement came one day after New England's 46-10 loss to Chicago in Super Bowl XX.

Berry and his coaching staff spent much of Saturday with 48 of the 57 players on the roster and many of their wives.

Berry said in his statement: "It was never my intention in working toward a voluntary drug-testing program to make anyone undergo drug testing who didn't want to. It had to be voluntary. Our players voted to make it mandatory. My concern is that this created division on the team, which I certainly never wanted to do."