The University of Iowa has granted its basketball coach, George Raveling, permission to talk with the University of Houston about succeeding retiring Guy Lewis. Tom Davis of Stanford apparently is another candidate and Paul Evans of Navy (story, Page B4) visited Houston before going on to Pittsburgh . . .

University of Texas boosters and sports agents have given UT football players cash, liquor, meals, free dental and legal services, and discounts at apartments and bars -- all NCAA violations -- the Dallas Morning News reports.

Former players told of being routinely approached with offers of cash and favors from their first day on the practice field, the News said in its copyright story. In interviews with 28 former (1978-85) Longhorns, 11 said they accepted cash -- in some cases amounting to more than $10,000 -- while they were on the team.

"My senior year it just got hotter and hotter," said Tony Degrate, 1982-84 defensive tackle who won the 1984 Vince Lombardi Award as the nation's outstanding college lineman. "From alumni walking up to me in the locker room, to my room, shaking my hand and giving me a bill money . Then at the end of the year, they'd call me . . . and I'd say meet me in a restaurant . . . "

Coach Fred Akers said he was not aware his players had received any benefits beyond the proper tuition, room, board and books.

"I am really, I am surprised," Akers said. "I am surprised, and I intend to turn this over to the NCAA. . . . if I know of something that is true -- or suspect that it is -- I'll sure turn it in." . . .

In Memphis, Internal Revenue Service agents investigating sports gambling have subpoenaed financial records for Memphis State Coach Dana Kirk's weekly radio and TV shows, according to the Commercial Appeal newspaper. A federal grand jury has been examining Kirk's income taxes . . .

San Diego State has suspended track and field competition pending completion of a university investigation into alleged anabolic steroid use by some members of the men's and women's teams.

In addition, Athletic Director Fred Miller announced that all track team members wishing to compete after the investigation -- probably to begin today -- is over must submit to drug tests, including for use of strength-enhancing steroids.

The athletic department's goal, said Miller, is "to get our competitors back on the track in two weeks."