Greg Gibson won the 1986 Armed Forces freestyle wrestling championship in the 220-pound class last night at Larson Gymnasium in Quantico, Va., with a 13-1 technical superiority judgment over teammate Mike Blaske and their Marine Corps team won first place in the overall competition with 51 points. Runner-up Navy had 33 points, Army 22 and Air Force 4.

The final rounds of the Greco-Roman style wrestling competition will begin today at 10 a.m.

Gibson, the 1984 Olympic Greco-Roman silver medalist and current World Cup champion, has now won 16 interservice championships. The 32-year-old sergeant advanced through three matches without giving up a point. However, for Blaske, in his first interservice tournament, even a 13-1 defeat against such a dominant wrestler is not a total loss.

"I still have a lot of improving to do. Anyone can see that. But, I'm young and he's old. It's just a matter of time," said Blaske, 25.

However, Gibson, who hopes to win an Olympic gold medal in 1988, is not about to concede anything to Blaske. "It will take a while," Gibson said, "but he will be competitive."

Rob Herman, who coaches the Navy team and won the 125 1/2-pound class championship, was named outstanding wrestler in the freestyle tournament. His last-point, 2-2 win over Marine Eric Seward, in a particularly hard-fought match, earned him the honors.

Navy's Bob Sterricker rallied from a 10-7 deficit to beat teammate Phil Ogan, 12-10, at 105 1/2 pounds.

The Marine Corps' Anthony Lee, four-time interservice champion, overcame a knee injury suffered in the second round and held off Navy's Barney Wainwright, 10-0, in the 136 1/2-pound class. Navy's Steve Klock defeated Army's Brad Anderson, 10-4, at 180 1/2 pounds.

In the 198-pound competition, Army's Derrick Waldroup was ahead in points in the second period, but was pinned by Navy's Mike Carolan. And in the heavyweight division, two marines faced each other; Craig Pittman defeated Ron Carlisle, 4-1.

Marine Corps Coach Art Williams expects his team to win the Greco-Roman championship as well. "We won last year with a less solid team. This year, we have 19 wrestlers versus last year's 17 and a much better heavyweight squad," he said.

The Navy and the Marine Corps each won five championships.